Who We Are

Driven by honesty, integrity, dependability and attentiveness, the agents at My Home Group Queen Creek are committed to delivering an unparalleled relational experience. They focus on getting to know their clients and their individual needs. Working with some of the best lenders and title companies in the business, My Home Group Queen Creek utilizes these valuable resources during your transaction. They will guide you through each step of the home buying or selling process and share with you their experiences in helping you to make the best informed decision about the purchase or sale of your property. “After all it’s not just a house it’s your home.“

What Makes Us Difference

At My Home Group Queen Creek we choose to do business our way. We don’t wear flashy suits or drive expensive cars. We don’t plaster you with titles and initials for acronyms that you wouldn’t even understand if we explained it to you. What we will do is work with all our clients from a relational point of view. Buying or selling a home is usually very stressful. Our focus is to be your friend and help carry the burden of that stress. Not to say that we don’t have the experience or fancy initials we just happen to be your friend in real estate that does.  So what is the My Home Group Queen Creek difference you ask? 

  • Talk to me Goose! Communication is the key to any relationship. Your My Home Group Queen Creek agent will be available for all your questions 24/7. Time is of the essence in a real estate transaction. We are committed to answering and returning phone calls, text, and emails. We will keep you informed of all things that are going on with your transaction.
  • Educate Me! Understanding what is going on is  one of the most important things we can do for you. At the beginning of every transaction we will guide you through the steps involved and make sure that you know what is coming next. Not only will we go over certain milestones in your transaction but we will be there as well. So you won't be on an island when it comes to inspections, appraisal, signing, etc. We will be there for every step of the process. 
  • It takes a Village! A typical real estate transaction requires several parties to come together. Your My Home Group Queen Creek agent ensures that everyone involved has the same goal. That is to serve the client and their needs. We work with some of the best lenders, title companies, home inspectors, and contractors in the valley. These team members have been hand picked to insure that the client has a consistent relational experience.
  • Go local ! The My Home Group Queen Creek Team has a vast knowledge of the local area. We may not know everything that goes on in our area but you might think we do. In real estate it is very important to stay current on what is going on in the community. Details matter. If there is a new subdivision or park, maybe some new restaurant is coming to the area. We pride ourselves in being involved and knowing what is going on.